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by Austin Allen, Junior/Biology (Pre-Med) Major


Austin Allen

My name is Austin Allen, and I’m a junior biology, pre-medicine student at Alice Lloyd College. I began my college search my junior year of high school. I toured many institutions and actually decided on which school I wanted to attend by the start of my senior year. Although I had made a definite decision at the time, I still felt like something wasn’t quite right. It wasn’t until the spring of my senior year that an Admissions Counselor from Alice Lloyd College pulled me out of class to discuss her school. Being a little skeptical at first, I listened half-heartedly, only picking up a few things. It wasn’t until she mentioned the small, family-like atmosphere and scholarship opportunities that I started to listen intently.

Coming from a small town in Carter County, Kentucky, I had always wanted a small school. Affordability was also key in my search for the perfect school. I come from a single-parent home with two children. While I was college searching, my mother was not only putting herself through Nurse Practitioner school, but she was also working full-time and trying to raise my toddler brother and me. Being a nurse, she didn’t make a large amount of money. Mom had a house payment, student loans, car payments, insurance, and two children to support. Money was tight, so coming up with a way to pay for college was intimidating. The Admissions Counselor I spoke with was aware of my situation. She also knew of my academic success and suggested that I apply for the Alice Lloyd College Presidential Scholarship. This scholarship would cover the full cost of my education during my time at Alice Lloyd College.

After a very long and tedious application process, I was not only offered a position at Alice Lloyd College, but also a Presidential Scholarship! If it were not for this scholarship, I would be in a very large amount of debt prior to my graduate studies. Now, because of generous donors like yourself, I am going to graduate from Alice Lloyd College completely debt free! I’ll also be offered a position in the Caney Cottage Scholars Program, which will provide me graduate assistance during my time in medical school. I cannot express the level of gratitude I have for receiving this scholarship. If it weren’t for generous donors like you, this scholarship (or any for that matter) would not be possible. I encourage you to please continue giving to Alice Lloyd to make opportunities like this possible to future applicants! Thank you so much.

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