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Former ALC & JBS staff member, Jeemes Akers, has recently written the first book of his Prawnocous Trilogy. The book, “Prawnocous Rising”, is a Christian techno-thriller filled with unforgettable characters, exotic locations, future technological advances, and powerful warnings for future believers.

Jeemes has a long-standing relationship with ALC & JBS. He taught History and Philosophy at ALC from 1979-87 while also serving as the College’s Director of Public Relations. He served as the founding Director of JBS from 1984-86 and from 1994-98. In addition to his service at ALC & JBS, Jeemes served in the Air Force, has a Law Degree, and was a CIA analyst for 15 years before retiring in 2013. He has traveled abroad extensively, including to all the exotic locations in his trilogy.

Jeemes currently resides in southwest Ohio with his wife of 43 years, Imogene Bates Akers. Imogene is also a former employee of ALC, as well as an alumnus. The couple have 2 daughters and 7 grandchildren. Jeemes is still very active in church affairs and a variety of personal and professional projects. If you’d like to learn more about Jeemes, check out his website,

The first book of Jeemes’ trilogy is available for order online, from his website or from Amazon. Jeemes would love to hear from his former students, coworkers, and friends.