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To further enhance the College’s commitment to affordable education in this centennial year, Alice Lloyd College President Jim Stepp recently announced the iPurpose initiative. With this new initiative, the College will furnish all full-time students with new technology.

Beginning next semester, all returning, full-time students will receive a new, 9th Generation iPad. Each fall, new full-time students will receive iPads as well. President Stepp believes that ALC students “need to have access to the same technological advantages that they would have anywhere else in the country right here in the mountains,” and the iPads are an important upgrade for the students.

Junior ALC student Isabella Freeman says that the iPads are an amazing amenity. She is proud to be an ALC student and appreciates all the College does for its students. She is thankful that the College takes the time to prepare students for their futures and says how amazing it is that “ALC gives us the opportunity of education that a lot of people in our region don’t have because of the cost.”

Through the iPurpose initiative, the College plans to continue providing the best learning environment for years to come. The College is grateful to our generous donors for making a high-quality education possible for deserving mountain students. Without our nationwide support, improvements like this would not be possible.