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Recently, Yahoo! Finance featured Alice Lloyd College as one of the “Ten Best Colleges to Graduate with No Student Loans.” The article highlights ten colleges across the nation that provide qualifying students with ways to graduate without student debt. At Alice Lloyd College, students from the College’s 108-county service area are granted the ALC Tuition Guarantee and pay no out-of-pocket tuition costs. All full-time students also participate in the College’s unique Work-Study Program. Students work a minimum of ten hours a week in various departments across campus and are able to reduce the cost of their education significantly. Through ALC’s Work-Study Program, students can apply for additional hours of work starting their sophomore year, which can further reduce their educational expenses.

For over a century, Alice Lloyd College has been committed to providing a quality, character-based education at an affordable cost to students across Appalachia.  The College works hard to ensure all students receive the opportunity of education and prepare them to succeed after graduation. ALC continues to operate without accepting direct government funding and without going into debt. Thanks to generous donors across the country, Alice Lloyd College is pleased to be nationally recognized as an elite institution for providing affordable education to deserving Appalachian students.