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Alice Lloyd College has reached an important, historic milestone. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of Caney Junior College, now known as Alice Lloyd College. Longtime supporters of the College, Dr. Steve and Kathleen Davis, have kicked off the exciting year with a special donation. The Davis’s have pledged to donate $100 a day for the entire year of 2023!  

Dr. Steve and Kathleen Davis first heard about Alice Lloyd College when they saw the ALC women’s basketball team compete in the NAIA national tournament. After researching ALC, the Davis’s discovered the values the College was founded on and the opportunity it presents to students in Appalachia. They have been friends of ALC since that time and rarely miss a Lady Eagles basketball game.  

The Davis’s are proud of ALC and excited to be part of the mission. Dr. Davis says that reaching the 100-year mark is “a major testament to the College and the traditions and values it has kept. Not only has it survived, but it has thrived for a hundred years! ALC deserves this donation for the traditions and values it keeps.” 

The Davis’s believe that the sense of home that students, faculty, staff, and visitors find at ALC draws many in. In 2018, the Davis’s visited Pippa Passes and consider their time at ALC a “life-altering moment.” They couldn’t be happier to pledge this donation to the College. Along with their pledge, Dr. Steve and Kathleen Davis share this heartfelt message with ALC students: “Always stay true to your traditions and values.”  

Donor support plays a crucial role in the education of students in Pippa Passes. Mrs. Alice Lloyd realized how necessary help from friends near and far would be to establish a lasting educational opportunity, for students willing to work, on Caney Creek. 100 years later, ALC continues to operate on the same Judeo-Christian values and free enterprise system upon which this nation was founded. Our network of donors allows the College to offer a quality, character-based education while charging no out-of-pocket cost for tuition. 

ALC President Jim Stepp says, “We are extremely blessed to have wonderful friends across the country who make a character-based education possible for our hard-working students. Steve and Kathleen have generously supported Alice Lloyd College with their time and their resources for many years. All of us on Caney Creek are immensely grateful for their decision to honor our centennial in such a meaningful way.” 

The College is thankful for Dr. Steve and Kathleen Davis’s continued support. Without the Davis’s and our many wonderful friends across the nation, Alice Lloyd College could never reach this milestone – 100 years of affordable education in the Appalachian region.