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Alice Lloyd College has announced plans to hold a day of service on October 8, 2022. As many know, the College will not be hosting its annual Appalachia Day Homecoming due to the historic flooding that devastated many areas of Eastern Kentucky in late July.

On campus, students, faculty, and staff will serve the local community on Purpose Road Service Day by preparing and packaging 300 hot meals for community members. Meals will be available for pickup at the Perry Campus Center at 1:00 pm. Additionally, the College has other activities planned to serve the community. Alumni and friends of the school, not on campus, are also encouraged to commit to a day of volunteer service in their community or wherever they see a need.

Service has always been an integral part of the Alice Lloyd College mission and led to the development of the Purpose Road Philosophy. Mrs. Lloyd and Miss June created the Purpose Road Philosophy to help lead students to develop the characteristics necessary to grow into servant leaders. The Philosophy presents the idea of committing to a life of service to God first and then fellow man. Upon graduation, students are encouraged to return to their region and serve their communities. Today over 80% of graduates return to serve the Appalachian Region.

Though the region was deeply affected by the flooding, Eastern Kentuckians have shown strength and resilience through acts of service. The leaders of Alice Lloyd College are dedicated to serving the region and helping to rebuild Eastern Kentucky.