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Our thoughts and prayers are with our students, alumni, and community who were affected by recent flooding in Eastern Kentucky. To provide support and relief to our students impacted by flooding, ALC is offering early move-in. Students may contact Student Services at (606) 368-6120 or to request early move-in if they need a place to stay.

Students can arrive on campus as early as Monday, August 8th. Furthermore, any student who may need additional assistance to get themselves ready and to campus due to the flood may reach out to Tori Nairn Hall at 606-368-6146.

“Many are hurting in our region at this time. Our highest priority is to serve our students and our local community,” said ALC President Dr. Jim Stepp.

Alice Lloyd College is also collecting and distributing supplies for the surrounding community. Items can be dropped off or picked up at Caney Baptist Church in Pippa Passes, Kentucky. Monetary donations are being accepted online at