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ver a week ago, devastating floods hit Eastern Kentuckyand many communities still lack power, water, hot meals, and other necessary items. Since that day, volunteers from ALC have spent countless hours in the community, walking the hollers to get food, water, and other necessities to those in need. Providing families with a hot meal is one of the many ways ALC is supporting the Knott County area.

Today, ALC, alongside Pioneer College Catering, came together to make over 300 hot lunches for the Pippa Passes community. The lunches consisted of sloppy joes, chips, and baked goods. ALC’s Hunger Din cooked over 60 pounds of donated hamburger meat and transformed it into sloppy joe mix while campus community members provided baked treats to accompany the meal.

Director of Admissions and Campus Ministry Coordinator Mary Turner coordinated the event. “I want to provide the people in our region with a comforting meal they would have eaten before the flood,” said Turner. “I think it is important also to provide portions similar to what I feed my own family.” Turner and several other faculty, staff, and students continue to dedicate their time and work alongside churches to help distribute food and necessities to the region.