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On April 12th, Alice Lloyd College was honored with a visit from United States Senator Rand Paul. Paul stopped by the College on his trip through Eastern Kentucky to meet with students, faculty, staff, and community members to discuss ALC’s unique student-work program and a variety of political topics that concern the Appalachian region.

A luncheon was held in Cushing Hall for the Senator, where he personally spoke with each student about their plans for the future and encouraged them to develop a strong work ethic. At ALC, all students must work a minimum of 10 hours a week in their assigned work-study. Senator Rand Paul recognized the benefits of ALC’s work program that assists students to graduate with little to no debt, especially in America’s uncertain economic climate. He stated, “I’m hoping we draw some attention to Alice Lloyd College, and some other kids think, ‘wow, that’s somewhere I’d like to go to college.'” The Senator also mentioned that many opportunities are waiting for ALC students by developing a positive and diligent attitude toward work.

While much was said about the students’ diligent work, the Senator also answered questions from students concerning topics such as the opioid epidemic, coal mines, and the crisis in Ukraine. His answers centered around many of ALC’s foundational truths of faith and service. The stimulating questions and answers reflected the many speech forums Mrs. Lloyd and Ms. June held in Cushing Hall during the early years of the College. Critically thinking through the issues of the day is still present in every class on campus, and ALC is grateful for Senator Rand Paul engaging in thoughtful discussion with the students as well as his encouraging words.

For nearly one hundred years, Alice Lloyd College has been devoted to educating and preparing the next leaders of Appalachia. As Mrs. Lloyd said, “The leaders are here; they just need an opportunity.” United States Senator Rand Paul provided a priceless opportunity for ALC students and honored the College through his visit.  President Stepp commented, “It was wonderful having Senator Paul on campus. We especially appreciate his kind words regarding our commitment to educating Appalachian students.” The College is humbled to have been recognized by Senator Rand Paul for its service to the mountains.