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by Abi DobsonStudent Contributor

Makenna Morgan, a junior education major at ALC, has been selected as a 2022 Ledford Scholar. The Appalachian College Association’s (ACA) 2022 Ledford Scholarship provides research opportunities for college students enrolled in an ACA college. Over the summer, the program will provide Makenna with a stipend to fund her research, necessary materials, and travel expenses. At the end of the summer, she must present her research at the ACA’s annual summit. Her research is based on Mrs. Alice Lloyd’s values and beliefs that helped make Alice Lloyd College successful.  

To conduct her research, Makenna will spend her summer consulting literature archived from Mrs. Lloyd and others who were close to her about her work and values. After determining what values and beliefs Mrs. Lloyd held most important, she will use these to suggest to other colleges what they can do to improve success rates.  She states, “I’m looking forward to improving my research and writing skills through this scholarship. I’m also excited to have the opportunity to learn more about Mrs. Lloyd and how she has influenced this institution!”

During her research, she will take a deeper look into the life of Mrs. Lloyd, why she founded the College, and how ALC first became successful and continued to be successful for the past 100 years. Because of her passion for higher education, Makenna hopes to help other colleges and continue researching her findings to help students across Appalachia have the same opportunities she has received.

When Mrs. Lloyd came to Pippa Passes over a hundred years ago, she had a purpose and vision driven by her Christian faith that all people deserve a proper education with quality teaching centered around character and faith. These beliefs and values are what Makenna will expand upon to determine how exactly Alice Lloyd College has prospered all of these years.