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The June Buchanan School’s K-5 students celebrated Read Across America Week from February 28th through March 4th. JBS encouraged students to participate in all activities. The school had Dr. Seuss-themed dress-up days, provided special treats and activities, invited guests to read and speak with students, and hosted a book fair. The week was an entertaining experience for the students but also encouraged them to find a love for reading.

Guests included Senator Brandon Smith, JBS PTO Vice President and Treasurer Sharon Ramey, and the Alice Lloyd College Men’s Basketball team. The basketball team read various Dr. Seuss books and spoke with students throughout the week. Team members reminded students of the importance of getting an education and working hard to achieve their goals while Head Coach Scott Cornett reminded students of the value of reading and the relevance of being respectful to their teachers, friends, and family.  Students were also treated to a lunch of green eggs and ham as well as theme-decorated cupcakes. The week ended with fun-filled games such as Dr. Seuss bingo and musical chairs.

The June Buchanan School strives for their students to excel through learning, living, and leading. While most of the school year is focused on overcoming the unique challenges of each grade level, events like Read Across America Week allows students to take a break from their rigorous curriculum and celebrate the joys of reading and learning.