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by Abi DobsonStudent Contributor

Robert Wesley Slone, known as Wesley to his peers, is a junior Kinesiology major from Garner, Kentucky. Wesley has made a mark on Alice Lloyd College through the ambition that he has shown in the work-study program. ALC is one of nine work colleges in America where students have the opportunity to work for their education. Students occupy a variety of jobs from janitors, teacher assistants, tour guides, cooks, and many more. Every student is required to work at least ten hours a week but can work up to twenty hours.

When he first came to ALC, Wesley was assigned to work on the grounds crew, which takes care of the outdoor maintenance of campus. His job consisted of cutting grass, disposing garbage on campus, shoveling snow, and salting steps in the winter.  Wesley claims, “My favorite part of working on the grounds crew was cutting grass and making campus look beautiful while doing so. I also met many of my close friends while working on grounds and built a close relationship with almost everyone I worked with.” While the grounds crew is one of the most physically demanding jobs on campus, Wesley proved to be a good worker which caught the attention of the Dean of Work Study, Kerry Ratliff. Dean Ratliff states, “Wesley is an amazing example of what qualities a servant leader should have. He goes above and beyond any expectations set before him.” As a result, Wesley now works in the Student Work Office (SWO) which Dean Ratliff supervises.

SWO organizes students into their work-study assignments and keeps track of their work time throughout the semester. Wesley’s primary job is to calculate work-study timecards, then file them so students can get their time counted for. He states, “My favorite part of working in the Student Work Office is interacting with all the students who turn in their timecards and getting to see everyone on a daily basis. By working in SWO, you get to know a lot of people and learn to be responsible for your work.”  

Wesley intends to pursue a career as a Physical Therapist.  During high school, he participated in physical therapy and experienced personal growth which was aided by his physical therapist. He wishes to help others in a similar way. Wesley states, “I enjoy helping people in any way I can”. The ALC Biology department is helping him prepare for his future by offering classes and materials that will assist him in Physical Therapy school. So far, Wesley’s favorite class has been medical terminology. After Physical Therapy School, Wesley wants to return to the area to serve his hometown and remain close to his family.

Having worked on both the grounds crew and in the Student Work Office, Wesley says, “I am very passionate about putting forth my best effort in everything I do and I am thankful for the work-study program because it is helping me prepare for the future by learning that work is important, and I am getting more comfortable with being on a schedule every day, much like when I graduate and start working.”  Wesley has learned the importance of appreciating all jobs on campus because if one went undone it would affect everyone. He has proved himself well in the work-study program, and for new or current students, he gives them advice: “Show up to work and do not get behind hours. It is important to have a good work ethic and staying on top of things will prove yourself responsible and make your college life easier.”