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by Elisabeth DavidsonStudent Contributor

“If you place your identity in yourself and in this world. It’s going to leave you unfulfilled. Christ brings true joy and purpose.” Guest speaker, Clark Stepp’s voice rang through the Campbell Arts Center on September 21st welcoming in Alice Lloyd College’s Religious Emphasis Week. While Alice Lloyd College is a non-sectarian institution, ALC’s philosophy has always strived to instill Judeo-Christian-based character education within each of its students. Religious Emphasis Week is a celebration of these core values.

Clark Stepp grew up in Pippa Passes and attended The June Buchanan School, where he developed a heart for mission work. He continued to become a missionary and pastor in his adult life. For ALC’s convocation series, he graciously returned to Caney Creek to offer his testimony in hopes of inspiring students to find their purpose and value through the teachings of Christ.

A second convocation was held later in the week, where an entire worship service took place. Campus ministry members Johnathan Droke, Isabella Freeman, and Justin Whitt sang the praise song “Remembrance.” After the music, Clark Stepp shared another message entitled “Shaping a Gospel Worldview,” which focused on teaching college students to continue shaping their lives and viewing the world through the Christian lens.

Students on campus continuously exercise their faith by hosting weekly small group bible studies and attending Campus Ministry’s weekly praise and worship services.  Religious Emphasis Week provides an opportunity for all students to learn more about Campus Ministry’s services and take a week to reflect on the values that founded the College.