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Alice Lloyd College’s mission is to serve the Appalachian region through education. However, education is just where ALC’s service starts. Recently, the College has been blessed with all new dorm furniture for the men’s and women’s dorms. With the gently used furniture being replaced, ALC saw an opportunity to give back to the surrounding communities.

ALC gave several truckloads of beds, desks, wardrobes, chairs, and drawers to the Christian Appalachian Project (CAP). CAP has served the Appalachian region for over 50 years. The program has assisted ALC in many ways, and the College is glad to give back to them. A member of the Christian Appalachian Project, Jeff Burchett, is an ALC alum and helped set up the pick-up from Alice Lloyd College to help recent flood victims replace the items they lost. In addition to giving items to CAP, the College also reached out to Lotts Creek Community Center, a place similar to the Caney Creek Community Center. Several of their items needed replacing, so they were glad to receive the gift from ALC. The campus also opened up for a few hours so the local community members could receive anything they needed. A family that works with foster kids received the beds, desks, and chairs they needed to care for their children.

John Mills, ALC Dean of Students, spearheaded the project. He says, “ALC is one organization people look to for guidance and help. We are paying it forward to all those who have helped us. By giving back, we are fulfilling the mission of ALC and helping people who have lost everything.” Alice Lloyd College was created to serve the local community and Appalachian region through education and work; a hundred years later, the College still stands and continues to fulfill its mission.