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by Elisabeth DavidsonStudent Contributor

The Kentucky Blood Center once again stopped by Alice Lloyd College on Tuesday, September 21st, for the first blood drive of the semester. At the event, 38 members of the campus community donated over 25 units of blood, enough to save over 100 lives!

This drive, in particular, was important to ALC junior Jacob Hall, whose donation marked one entire gallon of blood that he has donated. When asked why he continues to donate, Jacob said, “There is an old saying that good men plant trees whose shade they will never sit in. I donate to try and allow people to make a future for the better, and I do my part – be it a small one.” The College would like to congratulate Jacob on his achievement.

While giving blood is always important, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for transfusions, especially with blood that contains COVID antibodies. Through activities like blood drives, ALC continues to serve the Appalachian region in a way that makes a significant impact.