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Alice Lloyd College recently celebrated the service of two staff members and alumni who will be entering into retirement this year. Priscilla “Pat” Fraley and Margaret “Margo” Sparkman have a combined 102 years of service to the College. Their presence on campus will be dearly missed, but the difference they have made will continue to live on and impact many future generations of Appalachian leaders.

Mrs. Fraley is affectionately known as “Pat” on campus. She has worked under all five college presidents since the start of her career in 1963. Pat now holds the title of Director of Foundations and Corporate Giving. She has dedicated her time to help provide the means for many scholarships, education programs, and buildings on campus. Pat longs to faithfully serve God and her community to the utmost of her ability in everything she does. She has done just that as she has helped build or restore every building on campus.

Margo began her career on Caney Creek in 1977 as Accounts Payable Clerk and worked her way up to the Director of Development. She received ALC’s Leadership in Service Award/Campus Employee of the Year Award in 2011 and 2019 for her dedication to the College. However, in 2019, she stepped down as Director and entered semi-retirement to enjoy time with her five grandchildren. Margo recalls that she taught herself how to use each new program or technology for many of her positions at ALC. She enjoyed the challenge, and the College is thankful for her trailblazing work.

The impact made by Pat and Margo is second only to Mrs. Lloyd and Dr. June Buchanan. ALC is grateful to have had such selfless servant leadership walk the Purpose Road. Although their presence will be missed, their leadership and mentorship have allowed the next generation to continue the work they started on Caney Creek.