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by Abi DobsonStudent Contributor

Jimmy Brown is a senior Accounting and Business Management Major from Manchester, Kentucky. When he first came to Pippa Passes, he was uncertain of his career. However, after taking accounting courses with Dr. Jerry Wayne Slone and listening to him bring his real-life experiences from working as a lawyer, Jimmy instantly knew that law held a special place in his heart. He says, “I immediately felt a connection with the subject matter and looked forward to preparing and attending class each day. Because of my passion and interest in the subject, I visited Dr. Slone and asked what inspired him to become a lawyer. As he explained his reasons for attending law school and what he is able to accomplish through his legal career, I realized this was the occupation that would enable me to attain the feeling of contentment I longed to achieve.” Through hard work, Dr. Slone’s mentorship, and the encouragement of friends and family, Jimmy will be attending The University of Kentucky J. David Rosenburg College of Law in the fall of 2021.

For Jimmy, becoming a lawyer is a way of giving back. When he was a child, his father passed away in a car accident, and as a result, his grandparents adopted him. Jimmy is grateful to his grandparents, and he says, “My grandparents have put my needs before their own. I hope I can repay them one day for everything they have done for me.” Although heartbreaking, Jimmy views the loss of his dad in a positive light, as God’s plan for his life and an experience that shaped him into the man he is today. By pursuing a law degree, he plans on helping those who find themselves in a similar situation to his. Jimmy states, “I hope to be a difference-maker for people and present them with peace of mind when enduring a stressful time in their life.”

Many ALC students arrive on Caney Creek intending to prove the Appalachian stereotype wrong. Jimmy plans on doing the same by returning to Eastern Kentucky as a lawyer so he can “represent the underrepresented citizens, such as myself, of Eastern Kentucky. We are often discriminated against and tagged with the stigma of being inferior solely because of our geographical upbringing. I strive through my educational ambition to return to my hometown with my professional knowledge in an attempt to restore hope and make a difference.” Jimmy has already participated in giving back to his community through his community service projects at ALC, such as the Student Government Association’s Pet Food Drive, where students donated pet supplies and delivered the proceeds to the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter in Hazard, Kentucky. He has participated in two of the Student Government Association’s Blood Drives for the 2020-2021 school year. Jimmy also serves his hometown community by umpiring Little League baseball games and serving as a bible school teacher at his church.

During his time at Alice Lloyd College, Jimmy has taken every opportunity to better himself. He has held Work-Study Supervisor positions in the Commodore Slone Business Building, Perry Campus Center, and the Grady Nutt Athletic Center. He is the President of the Student Government Association and participates in Alpha Chi, Law Society, Campus Ministries, and ALC’s pep section.

Although Jimmy did not know what was in store for his future when he started his journey at ALC, he found his purpose by walking down the Purpose Road. Jimmy Brown is truly one of ALC’s brightest and best, and the College looks forward to seeing how his future career provides a light unto the mountains.