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Alice Lloyd College’s Student Government Association (SGA) recently donated pet food and supplies to the Floyd County Animal Shelter. They donated eight large bags of pet food along with four large boxes full of everything from dog and cat food to litter boxes, treats, paper towels, and blankets. Donations came from ALC students, faculty, and staff. However, the SGA members dropped off the items and spent some time with the shelter animals.

SGA President Jimmy Brown states, “A lot of shelters rely on donations from outside sources to get the supplies they need. People do not realize how much of a difference can be made through their contributions. I encourage everyone to visit an animal shelter, and you will see first-hand the impact your donation could have.”

For several years, ALC’s SGA has organized pet food drives to help different animal shelters throughout Eastern Kentucky. SGA’s donations and service to the local shelters serve as an example of how ALC students make a difference in Appalachia. SGA President Jimmy Brown would also like to thank history professors Dr. Rhonda Smith-Daugherty and Mrs. Lashe Mullins for allowing their department to be a drop-off location for food. While SGA hosted the pet food drive, everyone who donated made the food drive possible.