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James Craft, ALC Professor of Kinesiology, recently had the opportunity to speak with Zippia on the advantages that recent and future college graduates have going into the job market. With the current pandemic, many students are going out into a dynamic workforce, where employers are looking for new skills to help keep up with the quickly changing world. Alice Lloyd College instills a strong work ethic in their students as wells as skills to thinking critically and creatively in any situation. Mr. Craft’s answers to Zippia demonstrate the sound guidance students get inside the classroom to be the leaders that Appalachia needs.

In your opinion, what are the biggest trends we’ll see in the job market given the pandemic?

James Craft: I think that we will see a huge increase in virtual style jobs even in the Kinesiology field. Telehealth is becoming more common in healthcare, and even with your fitness/rehab sciences, it is very useful. I also believe that more and more people are seeking out graduates in the kinesiology field because now more than ever we are experiencing issues like musculoskeletal pains and a decrease in health due to the constant sitting and sedentary lifestyle that the pandemic has created.

If a graduate needs to take a gap year, what skills would you recommend they try to enhance and how should they go about doing it?

James Craft: Most of your careers associated with the kinesiology degree are person-oriented. I would advise the student to find an internship or a health professional to shadow or work for. The student will gain communication skills, person to person interaction, and also gives them an idea of what it looks like in a real-world setting to be a specific clinician they plan to be.

What general advice would you give to a graduate beginning their career?

James Craft: Stay passionate. Love what you do and love doing it. The passion will drive all the other necessary things that are needed to begin a new career. When you learn and understand your personal why then that is the foundation of a successful career. Seek opportunities, don’t hesitate to ask for advice, and stand strong and work hard. There will be mountains and valleys but the passion will give you the energy to keep going.


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