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Alice Lloyd College is one of the nine work-study colleges in the nation. The work-study program requires all students to work a minimum of ten hours a week. Students’ earnings go towards their tuition to lower the cost they pay a semester. ALC would like to spotlight Cameran Howard in her work-study as the student work supervisor (work head) of the Student Work Office.

Cameran states, “I am the work head of the Student Work Office. My position comes with its difficulties; however, it has enabled me to be a leader. I have learned that being a leader is not standing back and letting others do the work; it is jumping in to get the job done as a team.” As the work head, Cameran’s responsibility is to submit all students’ work hours for payroll. She also maintains the minutes for student-supervisor meetings, helps with student job placement, and manages all the work-study students in the Student Work Office. In the spring, Cameran assists the Dean of Work-Study program, Kerry Ratliff, in preparing the Student Work Program Awards.

The work-study program teaches students how to respect all jobs, big and small, on campus and in the workforce outside of campus. The program also gives students work experience to apply to their future. Cameran says, “Work-study provides a wonderful opportunity to learn many skills I will need throughout life. I feel the work-study program has prepared me for future endeavors as I pursue my interest in the pharmacy profession.”

She goes on to say, “My favorite thing about the work-study program is the relationships that I have built throughout the years. I have learned many valuable lessons from my mentors. I feel the work-study program builds relationships and teaches students disciplines they will need after college.” Alice Lloyd believed a student’s financial ability did not affect their ability to learn, so she provided students a way to work for their education. ALC continues the tradition that Mrs. Lloyd started of providing opportunities for future leaders of Appalachia