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On Tuesday, Alice Lloyd College’s Student Government Association sponsored a blood drive. The blood donated assisted Kentucky Blood Center in their friendly competition with LifeSouth Blood Center in Gainesville, Florida, to see who can receive the most donations. ALC did not initially know about the competition, but they were happy to know where their donations were going once they found out.

SGA President Jimmy Brown said, “I’m here to help Kentucky as much as possible. The last blood drive we had with the pandemic and everything, we didn’t get as big of a turnout as we would’ve liked, but we had a better turnout this time. So, it’s worked out pretty good.”

Blood donations have grown in importance since the beginning of the pandemic, and ALC is glad to play a part in helping the Appalachian region and Kentucky. Providing opportunities for students to serve is how the College guides the next generation of Appalachian leaders and provides a light unto the mountains.