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by Callie ChaneyStudent Contributor 

Dr. Cody Reynolds grew up in Phelps, Kentucky – a small town teetering on the edge of the Kentucky and West Virginia border. In high school, Cody was recognized as a Kentucky Governor’s Scholar, opening up the opportunity for scholarships to collegiate institutions statewide. However, something about Alice Lloyd College stood out to him – something about Pippa Passes felt like home. “Another small town with roots in service that quickly became the theme of my life,” he says.

In 2007, Cody graduated from ALC with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. He then moved to Pikeville to attend the Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine. It was in Pikeville that he met his wife, Chelsea. Soon after, they relocated to a small town in Ohio where Cody completed his residency at Marietta Memorial Hospital. After welcoming their first child, Lane, the family settled down in Chelsea’s hometown of Williamson, West Virginia. Not long after, their second child, Leo, was born.  

Dr. Reynolds is currently serving as an Emergency Medicine Physician at Pikeville Medical Center. He often reflects on the valuable lessons he learned as a student at Alice Lloyd College. Through the Student Work Program and the College’s required convocations, Cody learned the importance of time management and responsibility. “It seems simple, but for a 19-year-old kid, that was something that took a lot of practice. Although I still prefer scrubs to a suit, I can tie a mean Windsor thanks to my college days,” he jokingly remarks.   

Cody credits several faculty and staff for helping him to discover his potential – Dr. Billy Haigler, Dr. Paul Yeary, and then Dean of Students, Scott Cornett, to name a few. The family atmosphere of Alice Lloyd College allowed him to benefit from interaction with his professors both inside and outside of the classroom. While grateful for the assistance he received from his professors, Cody feels that some of his most beneficial time came from studying in his dorm room. “I will never forget those winter nights I spent studying in my room overlooking the creek while watching the snow fall. Even today, I am always reminded of the ALC campus anytime I feel the briskness of fall in the air. These are memories that I will keep in my heart forever.”

As Cody reflects on his ALC days, his advice for current and prospective students is to get involved on campus. He encourages them to attend athletic events, join clubs, and eat meals with friends in Hunger Din. “Be proud of where you are, because I can promise you that you are being prepared to succeed wherever life takes you.”