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Tyler Lowe, a junior education major at ALC, has been selected as a 2020 Ledford Scholar. The Appalachian College Association’s (ACA) 2020 Ledford Scholarship makes research opportunities possible for college students. Over the summer, the program will provide Tyler with a stipend to fund his research, necessary materials, and travel expenses. At the end of the summer, he will be required to present his findings at the ACA’s Annual Summit. His research will examine June Buchanan’s influence on Alice Geddes Lloyd and Alice Lloyd College.

Tyler noted that he was “grateful and delighted to have received the Ledford Scholarship.”   He also explained that the “chance to refine [his] research and writing ability [will be] invaluable as [he] strive[s] to better [him]self as a student and gain experience in conducting rigorous research.” Fortunately, he is not on his own with the project. His faculty mentor, Dr. Steve Herr, is an education professor who will be guiding and assisting Tyler with whatever he needs throughout the process. Dr. Herr states, “Tyler is a fine young man.  He did great work in my class and as my student worker.  I’m excited working on this project with him.  I think he’ll do a great job.”

During his research, Tyler hopes to learn more about the life of June Buchanan before she met Alice Lloyd, how Ms. June and Mrs. Lloyd met, how they came to work together, the establishment of the Caney Junior College, her role in running the College, and her influence in shaping the College’s mission.  He plans to accomplish these goals by conducting a series of interviews with natives of Knott and surrounding counties who knew June Buchanan during her time at the College. Dr. Herr will also review the documentary record relating to Ms. June available in the Alice Lloyd College Archives and examine the existing literature that has been written about Ms. June’s work.

One hundred years ago, Ms. June came to Caney Creek to assist Mrs. Lloyd in her mission to educate the youth of Appalachia. Her impact is still felt today, but few know the path that Ms. June walked to Caney Creek. Tyler’s research will not only be beneficial for himself but will also provide more knowledge for the student body and community.