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Alice Lloyd College is pleased to announce recipients of the 2019-2020 Work Study Awards.  Because of our abbreviated spring semester, 10 students were selected by a committee on campus.

The Director of the Student Work Program, Kerry Ratliff, says, “I would like to congratulate the 2020 graduating class of Alice Lloyd College. It has been a great honor to witness these students make great sacrifices to fulfill the requirements of the student work program.”

Below is a list of the honorees.

Adam Adkins– Office Assistant for Student Service and Business Office 

Emily Burgin– Joseph W. Craft School of Business and Appalachian Leadership Custodian

Morgan Hurt– Office Assistant for Student Work Office and Bettinger Center Custodian

Colbi Johnson– Office Assistant for Director of Development 

Ian Lee– Office Assistant for Student Services and Perry Campus Center Custodian 

Jasmine Lykins– ALC Bookstore Student Clerk

TaLaura Mathis– Office Assistant for the Marketing and Communications Department 

Gerald Glenn Pemberton– Perry Campus Center Custodian 

Haley Smith– Office Assistant for ALC Admissions Office

Amanda Ward– ALC Bookstore Student Clerk