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Alice Lloyd College was recently ranked for College Financial Grades by Forbes magazine. The College placed among the top schools in the nation and ranked fourth in the state of Kentucky.

For six years, Forbes has been reporting the financial health of American private-not-for profit colleges. Using recent data, Forbes analyzed the eligible colleges and graded them on nine components including endowment assets and admissions yield. Unfortunately, many colleges’ financial stability has slowly been declining over the years due to numerous reasons. Forbes stated one crucial cause is that “Student demand is tapering, tuition pricing (and discounting) is growing, and unfortunately many administrations and faculties are loath to adapt to this new reality.” Fortunately, Alice Lloyd College is not suffering from this problem.

Alice Lloyd College’s mission is to provide a character-based education at little to no cost to the residents of Appalachia. The low student to teacher ratio allows for student voices to be heard, which has recently led to the start of two new majors, Criminal Justice and Communications Studies. ALC is also updating and providing new facilities for students to better themselves academically, physically, and spiritually. The College is blessed to offer many opportunities for its students, such as the student work program, which keeps tuition costs low while also providing students with valuable work experience.

Opportunities are provided year after year due to the kind support of ALC alumni and friends of the College. ALC is humbled to be recognized and ranked among other notable institutions by Forbes­ magazine for the mission Mrs. Lloyd began over one hundred years ago.