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by Dalton McCown, Student Contributor

Service to others is a major part of the Purpose Road Philosophy. The Honorable James Bradberry has certainly lived a life of service to his family, church, military, and community. Mr. Bradberry is originally from Chicago, Illinois, and remained in the northern United States until finishing his undergraduate education at the University of Wisconsin.

After graduation, Mr. Bradberry then went on to the University of Virginia to attend law school. He later joined the armed forces and spent his time serving as a lawyer stationed in Germany. After his duty in the armed forces, he returned home and went into private practice in Virginia for 20 years. In 1991, he took the bench as a magistrate judge where he presided until his retirement.

Now retired, Mr. Bradberry looks back on how he heard about Alice Lloyd College and what compelled him to give his support. He says, “I have family from Appalachia, and I was so impressed with the way Alice Lloyd College does things and that students are guaranteed an education.” ALC is the only college to recruit students primarily from the Central Appalachian region who may not be able to attend college otherwise. The students selected from a 108-county service area are awarded the Appalachian Leaders College Scholarship which fully covers tuition. The scholarship allows students to pay no out-of-pocket costs for tuition.

Mr. Bradberry states, “I have also been impressed with what the students are able to do when they go off to graduate school. They gather some impressive opportunities and that’s because of the work they do at Alice Lloyd College.” In fact, over 90 percent of students in recent years have been accepted into graduate school or have been employed within 10 months of graduation. Alice Lloyd College is well known for its graduate and professional school assistance through The Caney Scholars Program, the only one of its kind in the nation.

Mr. Bradberry cited his appreciation for the mentoring relationships originating here at the college. “The students at Alice Lloyd College are in an environment in which it is in the ability of the faculty and staff to perhaps influence their behavior in a more positive way than you will frequently see. Not everyone in a large university has that opportunity and that’s one of the marvelous things about Alice Lloyd College. That makes a huge difference.” The majority of faculty and staff live on the campus, creating a rare environment where students, staff, and faculty interact and use the same spaces simultaneously. It is this kind of faculty and staff interaction that gives ALC its close-knit community feel.

Currently, Mr. Bradberry stays active in his church in both participance and governance and enjoys the company of his two children and four grandchildren. He is immensely proud of his grandchildren, who are all pursuing their own paths of service through undergraduate education at various institutions. He occasionally enjoys skeet shooting and is incredibly proud to be a supporter of Alice Lloyd College. The Honorable Mr. James Bradberry’s continued support is an abundant blessing to Alice Lloyd College and to the future Appalachian students who will walk the Purpose Road.