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Recently, Yahoo Finance listed Alice Lloyd College in “Tuition-Free Colleges and Universities of 2019”. The report, originally generated by the, outlines, “The best free institutions of higher education in the country that also provide outstanding degree and certificate programs.” Paired with exceptional academic programs, ALC requires all full-time students to participate in the College’s unique Work-Study Program. Working a minimum of ten hours every week, all ALC students are able to greatly reduce the cost of their education. Additionally, the ALC Tuition Guarantee, granted to students from the College’s 108-county service area, allows students to pay no out-of-pocket tuition costs. 

ALC continues working every year to maintain the College’s century-old mission of helping the youth of the Appalachia receive the best education regardless of their financial situation. Consistently ranked by national publications like U.S. News and World Report and the Washington Monthly, Alice Lloyd College is a top institution in America for graduating students with the least amount of debt. The Yahoo Finance article describes Alice Lloyd College as, “A well respected institution of higher education.” Indeed, the College works hard to provide many opportunities and challenges its students to succeed in their professional life after they graduate. With help from generous donors, ALC continues to make a difference in the Appalachian region.