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by Dru Walters, Student Contributor

Alice Lloyd College Dean of Women and Freshman Transition Coordinator, Christine Stumbo, has been with ALC for 45 years. She believes that what drives her continued commitment to the institution is her faith. “It has really been a blessing to work with other Christian people these many years. There is a strong sense in this valley that we have a common mission. ALC and the church, in general, are real stabilizing influences here in Appalachia,” she says.

Originally from McDowell, Kentucky, Christine is the daughter of a coal miner and first set foot on the Purpose Road as a student in 1965. She transferred to Berea two years later and went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Social Work. After working five years for a state agency in Prestonsburg, Kentucky, Christine heard of a job opening in Pippa Passes. Upon her arrival, she said, “It just felt like coming home. I never dreamed I would build a career in an environment that fosters good character and encourages people to live by Christian principles.”

Christine initially taught Sociology at ALC but has since expanded her service as the coordinator of the ALC Freshman Transition Program and teacher for the ALC FT105 class (Becoming a Master Student). Her many jobs on campus leads her to say, “I know almost every student on campus. I get to know them when they’re a freshman, and I try to keep up with as many students as I can through their academic careers here. I sometimes get drafted into annual Alumni Giving drives because, after 45 years, I’ve met a lot of students.”

Christine used to direct the ALCOR (Alice Lloyd College Outreach) Program and is currently the Coordinator of Student Success. She is the Yearbook and Student Newsletter Advisor and also manages the ALC Residential Advisors of the dorms. In all aspects of her career, Christine is devoted to improving the college experience for students at both academic and social levels. She says, “If students are having a difficult time, they know they can come to talk to me. Some of them want someone to pray with or for them, and then others just want someone to listen to them. I can talk with the best of them, but it’s important to listen.”

When she is not at work or planning activities through her church, Christine loves hanging out with her dogs and reading mystery novels. She also has lots of fun spending time with her nephews and nieces. Raised as a coal miner’s daughter, she is a big fan of famous coal miner’s daughter and country musician, Loretta Lynn. Christine also likes the smooth stylings of Kenny G, though she has given up playing the guitar herself.

Christine Stumbo’s career at ALC is representative of a life of service, not just to the students, but to the greater society of Appalachia. The Purpose Road Philosophy that underpins the principles of the College imparts the wisdom that individuals need to succeed in their careers and their personal lives. Christine credits ALC with being the place she learned her purpose and is looking forward to helping students learn theirs for years to come.