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On April 11, Alice Lloyd College hosted its annual Work Study Awards followed by the Work Study Olympics. As one of nine work colleges in the nation, ALC believes it is important to honor the hard work the students do throughout the year. Work-Study Supervisors awarded workers that exhibit characteristics of leadership, perseverance, and dedication which are key components of ALC’s Purpose Road Philosophy. After the awards, the Hunger Din provided a cookout for all students before they competed in exciting field day events such as the egg toss, three-legged race, tug of war, volleyball, and more.

Alice Lloyd College is extremely proud of the successes of all its students. Below is a list of the honorees.

Cody Jacobs Award – Greyson Philpot

Academic Assistant – David Brock and Grace Driskill

Administrative Assistant – Natasha VanDyke, Samantha Stapleton, and Katlyn Sandlin

Admissions – Bailee Brown

ASC Janitor – Whitney Enfusse

Bettinger Center Janitor – Amber Weaver

CAC Janitor – Gabrielle Reed

Carrick Dorm Janitor – Abigail Graham

Commodore Janitor – Katelyn Couch

Computer Lab – Zachary Templeton

Craft Shop – Kelli Akers

Cushing Hall Janitor – Savannah Miracle

DSC Janitor – Hannah Ray

Daycare – Megan Thompson

Grounds – Charlie Gross

Guest House Janitor – Katelynn Simpson

Gym Janitor – Amber Combs

Hunger Din – Devin Hall

Intramurals – Zachary Stegall

JBAC Janitor – Jaleigh Cockrell

Andrew Busroe Library Award – Justin Combs 

Lilly Dorm – Carla Combs

Maintenance – Greyson Philpot

Marketing and Communications – Kimberly Lee

Men’s Dorm – Joshua Adkins

Men’s Resident Advisor – John Driskill

Miss Irma’s Café – Emily Camp

Ralph Edwards Auditorium – Austin Hall

Student Lounge – Zackery Bentley

Student Work Office – Cadie and Kelsey Gay

Tutoring Center – Elizabeth Daniels

Women’s Resident Advisor – Hannah Conley

Weight Room – Juan Lander

Senior Work Award – Jared Albright, Hailey Champion Caudill, Alexis Coleman, Bristol McGee, Katelyn Collins, Drury Walters, Hayley Mills, Savannah Justice, and Stephanie Smith

Student Supervisor – Austin Osborne, Melissa Tolliver, and Kacey Troutt

Work College Consortium Job Well Done Award – Adam Adkins

Student Worker of the Year – James Lewis