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ALC Women's Cross Country Team

Greenville, SC (2/8/19):  The National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) is pleased to announce the Fall 2018 Scholar Teams. To be eligible for this award, teams need a minimum grade point average of 3.40 on a 4.00 scale for all combined student-athletes on the team. There are 24 institutions represented in the list of 46 Scholar Teams below. Congratulations to each student-athlete, team, and institution on earning this award.

Institution Sport GPA
Alice Lloyd College Women’s Cross Country 3.61
Appalachian Bible College Women’s Volleyball 3.49
Biola University Men’s Golf 3.66
Biola University Women’s Cross Country 3.45
Biola University Women’s Soccer 3.53
Biola University Women’s Volleyball 3.44
Bob Jones University Women’s Cross Country 3.52
Bob Jones University Women’s Soccer 3.46
Campbellsville University Women’s Volleyball 3.64
Central Christian College of Kansas Women’s Golf 3.55
College of the Ozarks Men’s Cross Country 3.54
College of the Ozarks Women’s Cross Country 3.40
College of the Ozarks Women’s Volleyball 3.48
Columbia International University Women’s Soccer 3.56
Concordia University Ann Arbor Women’s Volleyball 3.56
Geneva College Women’s Soccer 3.46
Grace Christian University Women’s Volleyball 3.51
Grace College Women’s Cross Country 3.70
Grace College Women’s Soccer 3.49
Grace College Women’s Volleyball 3.49
Greenville University Women’s Soccer 3.71
Hannibal-LaGrange University Women’s Cross Country 3.44
Hannibal-LaGrange University Women’s Soccer 3.53
Houghton College Women’s Cross Country 3.44
Houghton College Women’s Soccer 3.59
Houghton College Women’s Volleyball 3.53
Maranatha Baptist University Women’s Cross Country 3.41
Nebraska Christian College Women’s Soccer 3.50
Ohio Christian University Women’s Cross Country 3.52
Ohio Christian University Women’s Volleyball 3.73
Regent University Women’s Volleyball 3.41
Southern Wesleyan University Women’s Golf 3.79
Southern Wesleyan University Women’s Soccer 3.42
Southern Wesleyan University Women’s Volleyball 3.44
Southwestern Christian University Women’s Golf 3.53
Southwestern Christian University Women’s Volleyball 3.42
Trinity Christian College Men’s Golf 3.81
Trinity Christian College Women’s Volleyball 3.53
University of Northwestern Men’s Cross Country 3.52
University of Northwestern Women’s Cross Country 3.50
University of Northwestern Women’s Golf 3.55
Warner University Men’s Soccer 3.66
Warner University Women’s Volleyball 3.77

*contains information from an official NCCAA press release