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By Jerri Whitner, Student Contributor

Alice Lloyd College is pleased to announce the addition of a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice to the College’s academic offerings. The new degree will expand the numerous ways that graduates of ALC will be able to serve Appalachia, with nearly 90% of ALC graduates returning to the region, students who complete a bachelor’s degree in this program will be likely to return to the area to work. With this goal in mind, ALC Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Robert Buescher has diligently worked alongside ALC Academic Dean, Dr. Lafie Crum, to produce a strong Criminal Justice curriculum. Students in this program will not only be introduced to principles and concepts surrounding Criminal Justice but will learn specifics about the judicial process, police process, and interrogation and interview methods. These classes will develop the students critical thinking and communications skills, as well as their ability to describe and interpret the causes and patterns of crime and criminal behavior, and the aptitude to apply ethical leadership technique while working with the public and much more.

Students in the ALC Criminal Justice program will receive hands-on training through a variety of mock simulations in interviewing techniques, use of force, security assessments, and investigations. These simulations will give students applicable experience that will assist them in excelling in graduate school and future jobs. ALC is one of the only colleges in the United States that assists students after they graduate, through the Alice Lloyd College Caney Scholars Program. To further support ALC students that desire to pursue graduate studies in Criminal Justice, the College has established an agreement with Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) which guarantees the acceptance of ten ALC graduates into their Masters in Science in Criminal Justice program each year.

Assistant Professor Buescher is excited to see the new program develop and impact the program will have on the region saying, “The degree in Criminal Justice is focused on developing future leaders and provide students with numerous opportunities within the private and public sector.” For over one hundred years, the Alice Lloyd College mission has been to create opportunities for the youth of Appalachia – opportunities that will not only endow the students themselves but will positively impact the region through servant leaders. For more information about ALC’s new academic major in Criminal Justice, please contact Robert Buescher at