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by Jerri Whitner, Student Contributor

Alice Lloyd College is pleased to announce the completion of the first phase of the new state of the art Campus Center. The open house held September 4, 2018, invited the ALC community to view the completed initial phase of the Campus Center.

Upon the estimated completion of the new Campus Center by the end of 2019, the building will be the central meeting place for both academic and campus recreational activities including athletic events, fitness, intramurals, convocations, and much more. A formal dedication will follow the completion of the second phase. During the open house, guests were able to socialize while viewing the building’s numerous amenities, ranging from a collegiate-sized gymnasium to a new student lounge.

Hosting all of the 2018-19 men’s and women’s basketball games, as well as women’s volleyball games, the completed phase of the Campus Center houses a 550 seat gymnasium. Additionally, there are rooms throughout the building such as a fitness room, aerobics room, game room, and a Computer Resource Laboratory. With these new features, students will be provided with further options for intramurals, physical fitness, socializing, and provide facilities for the creation of additional programs such as the newly launched eSports Program.

The new facilities will be a welcomed addition to the daily campus life for the ALC Community.  President Joe Stepp expresses his gratitude by saying, “Our campus has been significantly improved with the completion of phase one of our campus center.  We are grateful to our wonderful friends who are providing opportunities for our students.” 

The completed phase one of the Campus Center will not only provide ALC Students and athletes with countless opportunities but will be essential for the development of the ALC campus community.