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Greetings to all students, faculty, friends, parents, and future Alice Lloyd College Eagles! As I gaze out the window to see the trees blooming along The Purpose Road, I am reflective of where we have been as an institution and where we are going.  Over 100 years ago, Mrs. Lloyd came here with $10 to her name, an Oliver No. 9 typewriter and a heart to serve those around her.

It is an honor to serve as president of Alice Lloyd College, the home of the greatest story ever told in higher education.  It is my sincere hope to help keep the Light unto the Mountains burning brightly.

Where to begin…

2017 and 2018 have been marked by major changes on Caney Creek. The first phase of the Campus Center Project is nearing completion, with construction moving ahead of schedule. This project began as a dream many years ago and to see this dream become reality is truly a blessing.  When construction is complete, both The June Buchanan School and Alice Lloyd College will have access to a facility that will provide multiple opportunities to support both academic and extracurricular activities.  There will be something for everyone located within this 70,000 square foot complex.

This coming year, a kinesiology laboratory is being developed inside the Davis Student Center. As our dual-degree nursing, biology, chemistry, kinesiology and pre-med programs continued to grow, we found ourselves needing additional laboratory and classroom space.  Thanks to the generosity of our friends, we were able to receive the funding needed to construct this new laboratory, as well as three new classrooms that will service not only the sciences but other disciplines across campus.

Our new minor in Speech Communication and Theater Arts will provide students with an opportunity to increase the marketability of their degrees with communication, knowledge of the arts, and peer relation skills. During my career as an educator and an administrator, I have seen firsthand the value of honest communication and effective oration. ALC has a rich tradition revolving around public speaking, beginning when Miss June appointed her Crusaders to accompany her to speak with potential donors about the school and about Pippa Passes. When I hear how special the college is to our students, I see a new generation of Crusaders appearing.

Since the inception of the Sociology program at Alice Lloyd College, it has been one of the fastest growing majors on campus.  Building on the foundation of this program, the College will be launching a Criminal Justice program in the Fall of 2018!  It was Mrs. Lloyd’s mission for graduates to return to Appalachia; by providing more job opportunities, this will allow more of our alumni to fulfill her mission of staying in our mountains to work and serve.

While I am grateful for the much-needed improvements happening around campus, I am equally appreciative of our students, for their work ethic and for their willingness to serve.  This is what is inspiring about being on the banks of Caney Creek – seeing students serve their communities and one another. Whether volunteering in ministry, or bringing the campus together for a St. Patrick’s Day parade, or spending time at a local nursing home, they seek to serve our region and help to fulfill our shared mission.  They are proud to be ALC Eagles, and they will continue our 100-year legacy of providing leadership for Appalachia.

May God Bless You.