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by Jerri Whitner, Student Contributor

Every summer Alice Lloyd College helps new students and their families to transition smoothly into college by hosting a New Student Summer Orientation. This year’s event was held on June 16th, and in addition to allowing new students and their families an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the campus, Summer Orientation also helps to answer many of the questions that any of them may have.

The day began with registration where the new students were given college memorabilia and folders that contained information to help them throughout the day and for the upcoming semester. Afterward, they were welcomed by President Joe Stepp in the Campbell Arts Center and informed of the numerous projects that are taking place on campus. Others such as Associate Professor of Education, Dr. Steve Herr, and Women’s Basketball Coach John Mills also informed the prospective students of what they can expect for their freshman year. Following the informative speeches, the students and their families dispersed into groups to visit academic advisors, the student work office, and take photos for their student IDs as well as sign up for campus clubs and organizations. A lot of information and experiences were packed into one day, but all was presented in a fun manner that kept the students and their families moving and enthusiastic about the transition.

The College is excited for this next group of students to join the Eagle family and find their purpose on the banks of Caney Creek.