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by Jerri WhitnerStudent Contributor

The cold weather did not hinder the excitement or stop the procession of ALC’s second annual St. Patrick’s Day parade on Thursday, March 8. ALC history professor Dr. Stephen Wilson and his St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee, which consists of students, faculty, and staff, planned to make it better than last year’s parade by including a bagpipe player as well as several additional floats. The parade was, therefore, able to encompass more of the Irish spirit. In honor of the special occasion, the Hunger Din also made an Irish themed lunch of corn beef and cooked cabbage along with various Irish themed desserts. Dr. Wilson commented on the parade by saying, “We plan two months for the parade and the community looks forward to it. To my knowledge, it is one of the few St. Patrick’s Day parades east of Lexington.” The dedication and hard work that went into the parade made it one to remember.

The parade included an Irish inspired dance performed by freshman Grace Baker, she was also followed by the new addition of a bagpipe player, senior Nick Short. The spectators were easily enthralled by the parade with Irish themed music playing throughout campus as well as parade participants tossing candy, green beads, and gold candy coins from their floats. The following is a list of the parade participants:

  • Parade Marshals (Don and Pat Fraley)
  • Irish Flag Bearers (Lafferty and Carnahan)
  • Pippa Passes Mayor Scott Cornett’s Car
  • Diversity and International Float
  • Dancer with boom box Carrier
  • Bagpiper (Nick Short)
  • Red-Haired Brigade
  • Student Government Association Float
  • Women’s Softball Float
  • Volleyball Float
  • Cheerleaders’ Float
  • Cindy Salmons and Dogs
  • Work/Study Float
  • Work/Study Gator
  • Dungeons and Dragons Float
  • Phi Beta Lambda Marchers
  • Leprechaun and Colleens
  • Marchers led by Darrell Slone with his Irish Flag
  • Fire Truck
  • Police Vehicle at Parade End

Countless people across the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day for various reasons, but Dr. Wilson has always made it his mission that those in attendance at Alice Lloyd College’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities would not only celebrate the holiday but would, more importantly, learn something about their heritage. For this reason, the parade has become an important aspect of the ALC community. The Parade Director, student Lindsay Blanken, states, “The parade is something fun to do for our campus, but it is special because of the strong Irish and Scots-Irish roots in these mountains. It is a nice way to celebrate our history.” By setting time aside to pay tribute to the ancestry of Eastern Kentucky, the ALC Community is able to better understand their past while preparing for their future.