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The June Buchanan School placed first overall in the Middle School 88th District Academic Meet held on Saturday, January 20th. 

JBS also placed first in Quick Recall and Future Problem Solving.

Mathematics – First Place: Dylan Moore (JBS), Second Place: Nathanael Watkins (Jones Fork), Third Place: Ashley Moore (JBS), Fouth Place: Tara Couch (Beaver), Fifth Place: Tayton Dobson (JBS)

Science – First Place: Dylan Moore (JBS), Second Place Grant Varney (JBS), Third Place: Parker Hammond (Jones Fork), Fourth Place: Tyler Hall (Beaver), Fifth Place: Hayden Cook (JBS) 

Social Studies – First Place: Alayna Slone (JBS), Second Place: Tie between Grant Varney (JBS) and Parker Hammond (Jones Fork), Fourth Place: Ashley Moore (JBS), Fifth Place: Tara Couch (Beaver)

Language Arts – First Place: Abby Potter (JBS), Second Place: Hayley Caudill (Beaver), Third Place: Becky Slone (Beaver), Fourth Place: Adleigh Marshall (JBS), Fifth Place: Ethan Wright (Jones Fork)

Arts and Humanities – First Place: Isabel Greene (JBS), Second Place: Abby Potter (JBS), Third Place: Haley Caudill (Beaver), Fourth Place: Destiny Huff (JBS, not pictured), Fifth Place: Kenna Fitzpatrick (Beaver)

Composition – First Place: Alayna Slone (JBS), Second Place: Kenna Fitzpatrick (Beaver), Third Place: Becky Slone (Beaver), Fourth Place: Josh Pugh (JBS, not pictured), Fifth Place: Destiny Huff (JBS, not pictured)