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On a beautiful, snowy January 16th at one in the afternoon, the students, faculty, and staff of Alice Lloyd College attended Opening Convocation for the spring semester.


Construction on the new ALC Campus Center

President Joe Stepp addressed the students first with updates on the construction projects that are taking place on campus such as adding lights to the Tennis Courts to allow for extended practice hours. A Pedway is being built to allow students to safely cross the main highway on to the main campus and is scheduled to be completed by summer of 2018. Plans are also being made to convert existing space in the Jerry C. Davis Student Center into two new science labs. President Stepp added updates about the progress on the construction of the Campus Center remarking that “the construction is moving really fast”. Construction on phase one of the Campus Center is scheduled to be completed by the end of the summer of 2018.


Dr. Brooks Tiller

Dr. Brooks Tiller

Following the opening remarks was inspirational speaker Dr. Brooks Tiller, an author, TV show host, American Ninja Warrior competitor, circus performer, and Doctor of Physical Therapy. Drawing from his life experiences and the recent American Ninja Warrior competition, he spoke on action which is a section of the Purpose Road Philosophy that has been instilled in ALC students for nearly one hundred years. He encouraged the students to overcome obstacles and become a stronger person, a person that will take action. Dr. Tiller used examples of action from the Bible such as Noah, Abram, and Moses to illustrate the point that when God gives you an opportunity you’ve got to take it. He also mentioned his time on American Ninja Warrior, and although he did not make it as far as he would have wished, he realized that his mistakes could not only be improved upon but he could also help others struggling in the same areas.

Carrying Dr. Tiller’s encouraging words and the historical examples of action passed down by co-founders, Mrs. Lloyd and Dr. Buchanan, ALC students will be better prepared to succeed both in class and beyond. ALC co-founders instilled action and purpose in the people of Appalachia through a character-based education. With countless lectures, exams, and long hours of studying ahead, being reminded to take action is an inspiring way for ALC students to begin the new semester.