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Eagles golfers played the Berea College Mountaineers in the Work College Challenge on Saturday, October 28th. The temperatures were in the 40’s with a constant rain. Due to the poor weather conditions, only the doubles matches were played. Because we had 5 on 5, doubles matches had each teams number one player playing one ball against two balls for the other team for two of the matches and one match of two on two. Berea’s number one player, Kevin Kim, matched up against Eagles golfers Reece Ison and Aaron Minor. Minor and Ison won the match 2 up. Eagles number one golfer Jared Albright matched up against Mountaineers Ryan Blevens and Dallas Adkins who defeated Albright 7 and 6. Eagles golfers Tyler Davis and Tyler Brewer took on Mountaineers golfers Michael Akard and Blade Hampton, defeating them 3 and 2. Eagles golfers won the event 2 matches to 1 to win the shovel symbolic of the event.