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Henry WebbAlice Lloyd College alumni are continuing to make a difference in the Appalachian region. Alice Lloyd hoped that by founding the College that she would instill leadership qualities in her students that would drive them to make a difference in their communities and have a positive impact on the region. Dr. Henry Webb is an admirable reflection of those hopes.

A native of Martin, Kentucky, Dr. Webb’s roots were firmly planted in Floyd County long before he was selected as Superintendent. As a student, Dr. Webb developed a strong passion for education. Dr. Webb remarked, “As the first person to graduate from high school in my family, I was heavily influenced by many educators throughout my years in public school.” He also noted that “Teachers, coaches, and administrators all mentored me—pushed me to excel—and showed me that I could change my future. I wanted to become that person for other kids.”

Dr. Webb not only excelled in the classroom but also on the basketball court. As a result, he was offered an athletic scholarship to Alice Lloyd College. He instantly fell in love with the campus. “I was impressed with my visit and the people I met at the College.” He also appreciated that “The school had a strong academic reputation.” Dr. Webb was rewarded for his hard work on the basketball court when he was named NAIA All-American.

Dr. Webb began his career in education as an itinerant teacher for the visually impaired and later advanced to Director of Instruction for Floyd County Schools. Three years later he was appointed as Superintendent. During this time he received many accolades. He was named Superintendent of the Year by four different organizations, received the Dr. Samuel Robinson Award from the Kentucky Department of Education, and was also awarded the Civic Education Leadership Award from the Secretary of State. Most recently, Dr. Webb was named KASA Superintendent of the Year. When asked about this achievement, Dr. Webb said, “I am honored to be recognized.” He went on to say, “This is a team award and I am privileged to represent Team Floyd.”

In spite of his long list of honors, Dr. Webb feels that his most significant accomplishment is getting to “wake up every day and work with one thousand dedicated Team Floyd members who care deeply about Floyd County kids.” Dr. Webb and Floyd County Schools will be presenting fifteen students with scholarships this semester. Dr. Webb is also very proud to be a part of a rising school district. Previously considered one of the lowest ranked school districts in the state of Kentucky, Floyd County is a District of Distinction and now surpasses most others ranking sixth in the state.

Dr. Webb credits Alice Lloyd College and the Purpose Road for the core values that were instilled in him during his time at ALC. “The guidance, support, high expectations, and family environment had a major impact on my ability to succeed. These ideas have also remained with me throughout my career and are things that I utilize to this day. My time there helped shape my belief that people make the difference.” He believes that the service and mission Alice Lloyd College provides to the Appalachian region is “invaluable.” He went on to say “So many kids’ lives—like mine—are changed forever because of ALC. In a region that continues to struggle for economic growth, I can’t imagine where we would be without the amazing work of this institution.” 

Dr. Webb still finds time to give back to the College that he feels has given so much to him. He currently serves on the Board of Trustees, and recently provided an inspirational address at Commencement. He has also been a guest speaker at alumni events. Dr. Webb believes that “Equipping people is the greatest purpose in the world and I know that ALC has served this purpose for many, many years.”

Dr. Henry Webb currently resides in the Floyd County community with his wife Kristi and daughter Kamryn.