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On Thursday, January the 19th, the students, faculty, and staff at The June Buchanan School took a break from the classroom to celebrate the many talents of those around them. The JBS talent show is a yearly event that serves as a lighthearted opportunity for students in K-12th grade to demonstrate their talents and build confidence while surrounded by their supportive JBS community. Students laughed and cheered for their fellow classmates, but the event also serves as an opportunity for the students to give back to their community. All proceeds from the talent show go to Pennies for Patients: Leukemia & Lymphoma society. Over the past three years, JBS has raised over $10,000 for Pennies for Patients through asking for small donations at various JBS sponsored events, such as the talent show. This year’s talent show was hosted by JBS faculty member, Natalie Gibson, who encouraged the students and visiting family members to help JBS continue to support Pennies for Patients.  

The students that performed during this year’s talent show were:

Cameron Gibson and Talon Johnson (K) – Whip and Dab

Mason Osborne and Alexander Greene (K) – TNT

Zoey Moore (1st) – The Only Name

Kambria Marshall (1st) and Adleigh Marshall (5th) – Mama, I’m a Big Girl

Jonathan Moore and Audrey Turner (1st) – This Little Light of Mine

Jonah Ousley (1st) – Basketball

Bennett Holliday (2nd) – Happy Streaming: Amazing Grace

Austin Moore (2nd) – Shut Up and Dance with Me

Mason Stump (2nd) – We Believe

Third Grade Class  Tour of the States

Olivia Fugate (3rd) – Lost Boy

Abby Moore (3rd) -Trust In You

Beau Bakun, Taylor Marshall, and Braden Yonts (4th) – Man of Constant Sorrow

Gracie Begley (4th) – A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Macey Watts (5th) – Travelin’ Soldier

Ashley Moore (5th) – American Honey

Isabel Greene (5th) – Rhinestone Cowboy

Adleigh Marshall (5th) – He Knows My Name

Austin Clark and Hayden Cook (5th) – Dubstep and Stressed Out!

Jakob Pugh (6th) – Don’t Stop Believing

8th Grade Class ft. Mr. Smith  Peanut Butter in a Cup

Cassie Combs (8th) – House of the Rising Sun

Claire Bowers (9th) – Power to Redeem

Jaden Pugh (9th) – Movie Medley (Pure Imagination, Ellie’s Theme, and Linus & Lucy)