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JBS Noah's Ark 2

Genesis 6:8 – “But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.”

On August 19th, members of The June Buchanan middle and high school classes traveled to Williamstown, Kentucky, to visit the Ark Encounter. While there, the students were able to embark on a journey through the book of Genesis. Each deck was filled with audible scenes, hands-on interactive activities, the living quarters of Noah and his family, and rows upon rows of animals and their housing. After the completion of the tour, students were able to visit a petting zoo, as well, which brought the event of having so many animals on the ark to life!  Dean Amanda Clark stated that this was probably one of her favorite trips ever as a Crusader. “To see the look of awe on the children’s faces as they approached the colossal structure was worth every mile we traveled. Many stood in amazement as they looked up at the entry gate to the Ark imagining the faith that Noah must have had! Each year we offer biblical studies to all our students, so by bringing what they learn in class to life was just a wonderful blessing!”