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Jerry Edwards | Photo courtesy of Harlan Daily Enterprise

Jerry Edwards, a retired teacher and current middle school coach, is an alumnus of Alice Lloyd College and has been on the Board of Trustees for six years. Graduating in 1982, Edwards was part of the first four-year graduating class at ALC. In addition to ALC’s Board of Trustees, Edwards serves on various committees throughout the state and region, as well as the ALC Class of 1982 Award Committee. He received an award last year in honor of his continued loyal service to Alice Lloyd College.  While Edwards demonstrates a servant leader’s heart by serving on numerous committees, one of his ongoing service initiatives is his coaching. Edwards has coached football and basketball at both the high school and middle school level and is presently coaching the fifth and sixth-grade team at Cumberland.

It is not simply through the number of initiatives and committees that Edwards serves that reveal the servant’s heart, his generosity toward others can also be seen in his selfless kindness. When the bus carrying South Floyd High School’s football team broke down on the side of the road while traveling on Friday, August 26, Edwards was quick to assist. South Floyd was stranded when Edwards passed by, stopping to help, he attempted to repair the bus but nothing worked. Finally, determining that the football team would miss their game otherwise, Edwards arranged to drive the team himself using his Harlan County bus. 

Jerry Edwards’ selfless service exhibits the values Alice Lloyd bestowed on all Alice Lloyd College alumni through the Purpose Road Philosophy that has continued to be passed down to all students of Alice Lloyd College. One of the keystones of the Purpose Road philosophy is service, including service to others, a trait which Jerry Edwards displayed when he offered a helping hand to those in need.

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