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By Adele Williams, Student Contributor

Jordan Maggard

Jordan and Whitney Maggard

Jordan Maggard, from Viper, Kentucky, been very successful since graduating from Alice Lloyd College in the spring of 2009 with bachelor’s degree in biology and a minor in chemistry. Jordan is now a staff pharmacist at CVS Health in Hazard, Kentucky. 

Jordan enrolled at Alice Lloyd College in 2005, after graduating from Perry County Central. He says that attending Alice Lloyd College was key in developing the strong work ethic that helped him through pharmacy school. “Not only did the Student Work Program help me to build a stronger resume, but it also helped me to gain an appreciation for hard work and perseverance.” Jordan worked in several different departments while at ALC including the Hunger Din, as a boy’s dormitory janitor, and finally as a teacher’s assistant for the biology department. 

Now grateful for the experience, Jordan remembers that the Student Work Program was one reason among many why he chose to attend Alice Lloyd College. To begin, the College was very close to home for Jordan. In addition to this, he was offered an academic scholarship prior to attending ALC that made the cost of attendance for him even cheaper. He was able to graduate with his bachelor’s degree with very little debt. 

After graduating from ALC, Jordan attended a local community college where he earned his Associates in Applied Science (Nursing). He then went on to the South College School of Pharmacy in Knoxville, Tennessee where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with his Doctorate of Pharmacy in 2015. He attributes his success in pharmacy school to ALC, saying “I believe that ALC gave me a very solid education to build upon.” Jordan says that he feels he was better prepared for the demanding and laborious academics of pharmacy school because of ALC’s rigorous biology program. 

While Jordan reached his dream of becoming a pharmacist, he says that there is still a lot in store for his future. Jordan recently purchased a new home with his wife, and has plans to one day operate a compounding pharmacy in the area. Jordan’s advice to students is to always follow your dreams. He says, “Never give up, no matter how difficult things get. Always value and prioritize your education. With hard work and determination anything is possible.” Jordan would also like to thank his wife, Whitney, and his parents for all of their ongoing support and encouragement.