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by Adele Williams, Student Contributor

Work Awards & Olympics

Alice Lloyd College has once again hosted its annual work study awards day and work Olympics. Each year faculty, staff, and students come together to celebrate a hard year’s work and to honor those who have excelled in their work study. Student supervisors recognize workers that exhibit characteristics such as leadership, perseverance, and dedication to their work study. After the awards, students participated in a fun day of tug-of-war, hula-hop, volleyball and more.

Alice Lloyd College is extremely proud of the successes of all its students. Below is a list of the day’s honorees.

Student Work Awards

Grady Nutt Athletic Center Janitor – Colton Caldwell

Anderson Science Center Janitor – Mollie Owens

Bettinger Center Janitor – Megan Smith

Men’s Dorm Janitor – Hayden Martin

Grounds – Brian Hicks

Cushing Hall Janitor – Kelsie Cornett

Miss Irma’s Café – Lexie Coleman

Admissions – Peyton Brown

Computer Lab – Justin Cathers

Lilly Dorm Janitor – Lesley Roberts

Carrick Dorm Janitor – Neisha Tackett

Commodore Janitor – Sierra Adams

Daycare – Rachel Rice

Ralph Edwards Auditorium Janitor – Cody Smith

Campbell Art’s Center Janitor – Tiffany Quillen

Davis Student Center Janitor – Emerson Branham

Hunger Din – Gregory Miller

Maintenance – Caleb Lofton

Library – Elizabeth Bentley

Student Lounge – Jesse Short

Craft Shop – Briana Arnold

Tutoring Center – Alyn Smith

Guest House Janitor – Kelli Akers 

Intramurals – Sarrah Huber 

June Buchanan Alumni Center Janitor – Natasha VanDyke

Administrative Assistant – Lani Muncy, Victoria Hammonds, Aurora Boler                                       

Senior Work Award – Chazz Maynard, Ashton Sizemore, Brianna Osborne, Ashleigh Bolduc, Clay Montgomery, Alex Suffridge, Greg Champion

Academic Assistant – John Driskill, Megan Williams, Alexis Brock

Men’s Resident Advisor – Samuel Kilburn

Marketing/Communications – Destiny Caldwell

Student Work Office – Maggie Wilkes

Women’s Resident Advisor – Daisha Gauze

Weight Room Janitor – Gregory Randolph

Student Supervisor – Michael Sexton, Ashley Morris, Brittany Lyons

Student Worker of the Year – Maranda Rowe