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Savannah 1Senior Savannah Reynolds has worked diligently to earn her Bachelors of Science in biology. While many students face adversities centralized around test prep, managing their social and academic lives, and deciding whether they want to eat ramen or ramen with spaghetti sauce on top, Savannah has faced much harder times. However, even throughout these trials Savannah has not only succeeded in earning her degree in four years, but has thrived while attending Alice Lloyd College, earning several awards and recognitions.

Savannah, from Millstone, Kentucky, decided to attend ALC after learning about the Caney Cottage Scholarship Program. She was excited to find a school that continues to help their students on their path to success even after they have graduated. “I think the fact that ALC continues to provide financial assistance for us after we graduate proves how much they really care.” In addition to this, Savannah appreciates the small size of the student body saying that this enables them to better “connect” with both professors and peers. She goes on to say that the faculty and staff “take interest in us and make sure that we learn the material necessary to succeed in our programs as well as in the work place.”

When she isn’t preparing for her heavy class load, Savannah spends her time working in the Marketing and Communications Department. She also participated in an on-campus group called “Crafting Christians,” and works with her church back home teaching a bible school class to youth in the area.  However, Savannah also spent much of her time at home or travelling to local cancer centers for her mother.

Savannah’s mother, Brenda Reynolds, was diagnosed with breast cancer in July of 2013, just a month before the beginning of Savannah’s second year at Alice Lloyd College. Fortunately, Brenda’s doctors began working on treatment options immediately. On September 11th, Brenda had a double mastectomy to remove the cancerous mass. Savannah and her family waited for the news and when it came, it was great. Brenda had done well during the surgery and was to begin a tough path to full recovery, one that she is still on today and will be for years to come. As her mother faced chemotherapy treatments, reconstructive surgeries, and several cancer pills, some with negative reactions, Savannah was forced to divide her attention between the needs of her family and her studies. While most wouldn’t have been able to do it, Savannah was very successful in her endeavors. Though she admits to feeling like giving up from the stress of it all at times, in the end she was able to keep her GPA above a 3.50, landing her on the Dean’s List for seven consecutive semesters with one more to go.

Savannah 3

In November of 2015, Savannah was accepted into Palmer College of Chiropractic where she plans to get her Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine. While she plans to visit home very often, she is excited to find a new beginning in a sunny environment. She says, “Being so far away from home will be hard, but if I have learned one thing during my collegiate career it is that miracles happen every day. Going to school in Florida will be new and different, maybe scary, but I also think that it will be great for my independency, my academic success, and my future overall. I’m excited to broaden my horizons.” Savannah will begin her new journey in July of 2016, and upon completion of her degree she wants to return to her hometown in Letcher County to open her own practice. Savannah notes that, aside from the courses she took to prepare her for this program, she is also thankful for the economy and accounting classes offered at ALC because she “expects them to help her manage her own business”.

In all, Savannah’s message is to never give up, no matter the extenuating circumstances that you may be facing. She says, “ You are never alone, whether it is in your circumstances or what you’re going through, somebody has been there before and so many people are willing to help you through it. That is one thing I love about ALC. Even when you find yourself in a tough position there is always someone to talk to or lean on. At ALC you find an Eagle family – a campus meant for those wanting to learn and succeed and that is what makes it so wonderful.”

We are excited for Savannah as she ends one chapter in her life and begins another. We are confident that she will be successful in anything she sets her mind to, and are excited to see her exceed and excel in her endeavors.