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Callaway 2016

The ALC Eagles golfers played in the Skyhawk Classic hosted by Point University of Georgia at the Callaway gardens Golf Club in Pine Mountain, Georgia March 13 – 15. Weather was fantastic, temperatures ranged from the mid 70’s to high 80’s with partly cloudy skies. Jared Albright lead Eagles golfers with an 85 the first round and an 80 the second round; 165 total for both rounds. ALC shot 362 the first round and 370 the second round; 732 total for both rounds, to finish 14th of 14. As our previous tournament in Florida, the Skyhawk Classic had some very good NAIA teams. Events such as this show us where we need to go as players and as a team. It also gives us a chance to play some golf in nice weather early in the season! Coach Steven Paine of Point University did a great job organizing and hosting the event and Callaway Gardens provided a great facility with a great staff. Eagles players improved their play from the Florida tournament, with Tyler Brewer shooting an 89 in the first round, and Jared Albright showing off some very good ball striking. We will be a better team come conference play for having played in this event!

Golfstat results for this tournament are here.