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Rarity pic

Eagles golf hosted a friendly match with IU East at Rarity Bay Golf Course in Vonore, TN. We would like to thank Rarity Bay for their fantastic hospitality and the quality of the venue. Another beautiful day of temperatures in the mid 70s. Johnson University of TN, an NCCAA team, joined us. Two players from Hiwassee, also an NCCAA team, sacrificed a day of classes to join us. IU East shot 325 as a team to win the event with very consistent play throughout the team. ALC shot 361 to finish second of three. Eagles golfers improved play again, with Jared Albright and Zach Hancock shooting 85, and Jordan Horn shooting 90. We continue to not be able to field our strongest team, with team captain Tyler Hayes playing injured and Randall Smith not able to play in this event. Overall, however, players on our team have shown greatly improved play over the last month.

Golfstat results are posted here.