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Power Up with Nutrition

Alice Lloyd College’s Power Up with Nutrition program has been recognized by Engage Magazine. Engage Magazine recognizes social entrepreneurship and is released by the Sullivan Foundation, a longtime friend of Alice Lloyd College. In addition to recognizing ALC’s Power Up with Nutrition, the Sullivan Foundation supports ALC through annual scholarships for tuition, awards, such as the Mary Mildred Sullivan and Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award, and an endowment for student education retreats. ALC’s Power Up with Nutrition aims to help local children that face hunger.

Power Up with Nutrition was formed in late 2013 when ALC professor and PBL Advisor, Mrs. Denise Jacobs, other faculty members, and several ALC students were made aware of the outstandingly high percentage of local youth that go hungry during the weekend. Statistics say that about 80 percent of Knott County public school students are low-income and that around 1000 of our youth are considered homeless (not living with either parent). Often, teachers say that they see students skipping their Friday lunch and taking it home to ration it throughout the weekend, ensuring that they have something to eat until Monday’s breakfast. Mrs. Jacobs felt that Alice Lloyd College had an obligation to call attention to this dilemma facing Knott and surrounding counties by founding the Power Up with Nutrition program.

Power Up with Nutrition, now organized by ALC’s Phi Beta Lambda, along with a half dozen more of ALC’s clubs and groups, have united in fighting this problem. Every week needy children at Jones Fork Elementary in Knott County, Kentucky are given a gallon bag of food so that they are well fed throughout the weekend.

Mrs. Jacobs says, “The students and I are very excited about this opportunity. It’s a humbling experience to hear how appreciative these local students are to receive their food pack.” The dedicated group hopes to expand their services as necessary funds and donations allow.

Donations accepted include food that does not spoil quickly and monetary donations to buy food and Ziploc bags with. Examples of accepted foods include Saltine crackers, fruit cups, macaroni & cheese cups, pudding cups, and other packaged foods that are easily opened and prepared by children. All donations are greatly appreciated and help ensure local students do not go hungry.

If you would like to donate or learn more about Power Up with Nutrition, please contact Mrs. Denise Jacobs via email at