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by Lydia Bickham, Student Contributor 

10 Colleges Photo

U.S. New and World Report has ranked Alice Lloyd as one of “10 Colleges Where Graduates Have the Least Debt”. This ranking is meant to demonstrate to prospective students and their guardians the most affordable institution of higher education. With the increasing need for higher education for employment opportunities and the ever increasing student debt amount, this is an impressive accomplishment. Nearly half of the 2014 graduating class obtained their degree without the need to borrow student loans.

 This is partially made possible because of the nationally recognized student work program and the colleges unique Appalachian Leaders College Scholarship, which guarantees tuition to students from 108 counties. Alice Lloyd College originally started out by putting their students’ needs first which can still be seen today, with the minimal student debt accumulation after graduating.

To read the original report from U.S. News, click here.