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By Elizabeth Rumschlag, Student Contributor

hunter-hyltonThis summer, the June Buchanan School had the honor of sending one of their juniors to the prestigious Governors Scholar’s Program (GSP). After undergoing an intense selection process, current senior Hunter Hylton, from Knott County, traveled to Clark College to engage with some of the states brightest and best students in the five week long, intellectual, summer experience.

During those summer weeks at GSP, Hunter was assigned a focus area that determined his classes; his focus area was Philosophy. Hunter mentions that he took away a knowledge of a number of Philosophical concepts, but that he “learned even more outside the classroom,” where he socialized with peers that introduced “many fresh perspectives…perspectives that challenged my typical way of thinking.”

As a high school student, Hunter has achieved so much during his time at JBS. In addition to GSP, Hunter participated in the leadership program HOBY his sophomore year, placed 2nd in JBS’s National Shakespeare Competition, and is a leading member of his high school academic team.

Now that Hunter is back to finish his final year at JBS, he isn’t slowing down. Hunter’s Senior Class Sponsor, Natalie Gibson, seems confident that his “commitment to academic excellence, his spirit of altruism, and his wide range of talents and interests” will continue to set him aside from his peers for years to come.